VRC Tips

Getting Started with VEXCode V5 Text

Brendan (3796B)

Many teams this year find themselves with the new V5 system, and after having spent so much time with the older system, are starting to feel a little lost. This guide is for you!

For this guide, I'm going to assume proficiency in programming in some cortex programming enviorment, such as ROBOTC or PROS v2. Additionally, we will be using VEXCode V5 Text v1.0.1, which you can download from VEX here

In this article, we'll go over some for the basics of programming your shiny new V5 robot:

  1. Basics of VEXCode
  2. Configuring your robot
  3. Programming a Drivetrain
  4. Firmware Stuff

Basics of VEXCode

The first thing you'll notice upon opening VEXCode V5 Text is it's dark theme by default. Rejoice programmers everywhere! Your late night programming sessions just got much less painful.

Image of VEXCode on startup

Dark Theme!

In general, it seems like VEX (or in this case RoboMatter) has listened to some user feedback when they were redesigning the IDE, both from RobotC, and the fiasco that was VEX Coding Studio. Dark mode is one of them.

In order to get started, you'll want to create a new project. For a competition robot, you'll want to do use the competition template. Select File > Open Examples and select the Competition template option

Select the Competition option

Select the competition option

From there, you'll need to give your project a name. Spaces aren't allowed, so something like team-number-tower-takeover is perfect.